WebSite Name Change

News: August 8th, 2015

You may have noticed that the name of this website has changed to from MyGod,YourGod? The reason is that the original title was the same as the first book, and now there are three books. You can still access the site with for some time or the new name, The mission will be the same, For truth-seekers considering the truth about God, For believers reinforcing their belief in God.

In addition, there will be some new features added over the next few months, as I work for more sales of the new book, HUMANS.

Thanks for your interest, God bless,



New Book, HUMANS, now available

News: July 30th, 2015

This new book tells the fascinating story of how early Homo sapiens became modern humans. It describes the transition of the early instinctive humans to the modern thinking, reasoning humans. This is a secular analysis that shows the introduction of Homo sapiens 200,000 years ago was a supernatural event, therefore an act of God, confirming the story in the Bible.


Website Upgraded

News: December 27th, 2013

New information was added about the new book, GOD Exists! It is part of a new program to run a series of AdWords on Google.


Website upgraded

News: April 16th, 2013

With the event of the second edition of the new book GOD Exists!, Ten Evidences for Belief, the website has had a major upgrade. Hopefully, you will find more information here and be able to navigate the site easier. Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.


Origin of Life revealed in second edition of GOD Exists!

News: April 13th, 2013

After reflecting on the new book, GOD Exists!, I realized that there were several profound discoveries in the book. I knew about them as I wrote, but the significance did not sink in until later. What were these discoveries? The first is in Chapter 9 in which I revealed how life began on earth; I had answered the question of the origin-of-life. The other is in Chapter 10 in which I discovered when and where humans were given the universal beliefs held by all people around the world: the sense of a god, the moral code (their morality) and their conscience. I have revised these two chapters in version two of the book to highlight these significant facts, and it is now available on Amazon and elsewhere.  A press release with this significant discovery will be announced on Monday April 22, 2013. It will also be published here on this website.


Chapter 9 ORIGIN OF LIFE, 2nd Edition now available

News: April 13th, 2013

With the revelation that I had answered the questions of the Origin of Life and the source of our morality, I rewrote Chapter 9 and 10. The revised Chapter 9 is now available for your examination on this website. Click here to read it: Chapter 9, Second edition.


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