The goal of this website is to offer the truth of the Christian God through secular evidence, philosophy and logic. This activity is called apologetics, which is defined as the defense of the Christian faith. The first step in bringing someone to Christ is to first have them consider the evidence which will lead them to believe in God. The first step is to believe in God.  While most churches focus on the spiritual side of religion, little attention is given to the wealth of secular evidence that God is real. While I believe that the spiritual side is the most important in the long run, it is the secular and logical approach that may have the most impact on the agnostics, skeptics and non-believers. Approaching the non-believer with a Bible in hand gives you two obstacles to overcome. They not only do not believe in God, they probably have less belief in the Bible. However, because of intellectual curiosity, they will likely entertain a discussion about a non-religious argument for the existence of God. In fact, I believe they would find some of the arguments quite interesting.

I present this perspective from my experience of being an atheist for 50 years. With my background of an engineer, I sincerely believe that if I had been approached with secular evidence of God that I would have come to Christ much sooner. Keep in mind that what you say can only cause the non-believer to begin to objectively consider the truth of God. They must realize the truth on their own.

I feel that the believer will also enjoy this website in that it should reinforce their beliefs and find the evidence reassuring. It will also equip them for non-confrontational encounters with non-believers.

On these pages you will find articles covering a variety of topics as well as excerpts from the books that I have written. And naturally you might also be interested in my three books: My God, Your God?, GOD Exists Ten Evidences for Belief and HUMANS. Detail descriptions of each book are on the Books by Shaun tab at the top of the page. All are available from Amazon.com and through other book stores. The comments here are part of an ongoing discussion and comments are welcome.

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