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Shaunfield: Secular Study Shows that the Appearance of Homo sapiens Was a Supernatural Event and an Act of GOD

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Boerne, Texas, August 3, 2015 – The new book, ‘HUMANS’, tells the fascinating story of how early Homo sapiens became modern humans. The key factor is that early humans were instinctive creatures, while modern humans are thinking, reasoning beings with full consciousness. This book answers the questions of how and when did humans make the transition to have full consciousness.

Research into the history of behavior of Homo sapiens, starting when they first appeared around 200,000 years ago, shows that they did not begin to realize consciousness until about 10,000 years ago. This was a time when the Ice Age ended, the climate moderated and wild crops became plentiful. Homo sapiens began the transition from hunter-gatherers to farmers and the age of agriculture began. Up until that time, civilization advancement was limited, but with agriculture there began a rapid advancement in civilization that continues to this day.

But how did humans acquire consciousness? Shaunfield discovered a robust, new unique logic technique, he calls Non-Evolving Attributes (NEA). NEA clearly shows that the original humans had consciousness; however, it was initially suppressed. It must have been a supernatural event for consciousness to be present in the early humans, as there is no natural explanation for this. This secular analysis shows that God introduced humans on Earth just as the Bible says.

In addition to consciousness, numerous other attributes, including the Moral Code, our conscience, a sense of a god and free will, also meet the NEA criteria, and with a high degree of confidence we know they were present but suppressed in the first humans. Note that this is the first time we have a definitive answer to the question of the source of the Moral Code – it came from God

This study was done with a rigorous scientific approach and the core of the study is based on robust logic and reason without conjecture. This study is a breakthrough in understanding how we humans came into being. This study also is further evidence for the existence of God.

Shaunfield’s previous books include ‘My God, Your God?’ and ‘GOD Exists! Ten Evidences for Belief.’ Shaunfield is a retired electrical engineer and had a career in research and development. He was an atheist for many years, until he accepted Christ 10 years ago.

Review copies and interviews are available upon request.

Shaunfield’s new book, ‘HUMANS’, is available now and other book sellers.


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