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Wallace (Shaun) Shaunfield is the author of this website, WShaun.com. The site is devoted to the proposition that if you take an objective, rational look at the concept of God, you will realize that God really does exists. For the non-believer, this is not an easy concept to accept. I know, as I was a devout atheist for 50-years starting at about age 18. The concept of God is an ancient one, one that has been around since humans first had concepts. Today, the majority of people believe in some form of god or another. Now popular vote does make it true. However, evidence does.

As a retired electrical engineer, I decided to research the question of God out of curiosity and in the analytical manner of an engineer. To my surprise I found there was an abundance of evidence that God really did exist and that I had been wrong all those years. I have now written three books about God. In addition, this website has articles on subjects such as evolution, free will, consciousness and Homo sapiens evolution, and Christian end times views. Click the “Articles” page for the current list. In addition, selects chapters of my first two books are also presented for your information. You may print any page on the website by pressing “ctrl P”. You can expect more articles in the future.

The website has gone through a major overhaul and update in August 2015. Nothing has been deleted; instead a Blog page has been added in place of the original News Page. The News page is still there in a slightly different format. It takes me about two years to research and write a book, so you hear little from me during that period. However, during that period, I continue to have many unique and profound thoughts, which if are along the theme of the book in process are included in the  book. Otherwise those thoughts remain in my many journals. Now they can easily be included in the Blog weekly, monthly or when they occur. If the topics are worthy, they may be turned into an article and then later a section in a book. But you will have a chance to comment before they get that far and that will help me get closer to the truth.

As you read my writings you will probably agree with some thoughts and disagree with others. That is expected. While we may have some differences, I do not expect any on the subject of salvation. I invite your comments and I suspect that if we both are in a learning mode some of our opinions will change. That has certainly had been the case for me in the recent years. Learning means that you have new information and that likely means a change; otherwise why bother to learn. I really do invite your comments and any discussion that might result. You may make comments at the end of pages with articles. Your comments will show on the website, assuming they are pertinent to the topic and are not obscene. If you had rather keep them private then you can use my email at [email protected].

If you like what you see here, you might consider my booksMy God, Your God?, God Exists! and HUMANS. All are available at Amazon and other booksellers. A description of each book and a link to their Amazon page is on the “Books by Shaun” page. All books are also available on Kindle. You will also find reviews of the books on their Amazon page.


Wallace (Shaun) Shaunfield – the author

In my career of 35 years, I worked in the research and development of semiconductor electronics. My expertise in research was applied to this research of the question of God. I have a passion for the study and learning about God, and typically read at least three books a month in my ongoing research. I have a BSEE and a MBA degree. Barbara, my wife of 48 years, died of cancer in 2006. My family now includes three children and spouses, nine grandchildren, two grand-spouses and six great-grandchildren. I designed and then Barbara and I self-built our modern, efficient, automated home of steel, glass and concrete. My other interests include Bible study, cooking, welded steel art sculpture, music, photography, reading, and writing.

I can be reached by email at [email protected]



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Books by Shaun

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Book Excerpts

Selects chapters from two books are available at the Excerpts from Books tab above. This will give you a flavor of the book before you purchase. These are  changed periodically, so check back to see what is available.



Since my research about God continues after completion of a book, there are new thoughts and concepts that I have presented as a series of articles. Some are expansions or summaries of concepts presented in the books. I believe you will find some of them suited to your interest.

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If you would like to see an article on a  particular subject, feel free to make a suggestion. Also, your comments are welcome about any topic. We will  never fully understand God while here on earth, but discussion is a means to learn more.

I encourage comments from non-believers as I have a special place in my heart you; remember I was a non-believer for 50 years.

You are encouraged to read other’s comments and to make your own.


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