This section contains articles related to my books, My God, Your God?, GOD Exists! and HUMANS. They include additional thoughts not considered at the time the book was written in addition to concepts that did not fit the book at the time. Also included are thoughts about topics recommend by readers. It is not surprising that there would be additional thoughts as time goes on, since we humans are forever learning more and more about our infinite God. Just click on the article you would like to read and then return to the list by clicking the Articles name at the top of the page or clicking on Return to the Article Indexes at the end of each article. Also, note that your comments on each article as well as recommendations for new articles are welcome.

Artificial Intelligence – Friend or Foe?

Perspective on Evangelism

Science and the Supernatural

You Now Believe in God, What Next?

What Christian Believe and Do

Challenge for the Non-Believer

Addendum to Ch 13 –  Free Will Implications

Approaching the Non-Believer about God

Winning others to Christ

Did Homo Sapiens and Neanderthals Interbreed?

More – How Consciousness Happened

An Overview of Christian End Times Interpretations

Future Articles

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