Approaching the Non-Believer About God

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Posted July 17, 2010, Updated July 25, 2010, February 2, 2013

Perhaps the most difficult task for a Christian is approaching someone about their non-belief. Most Christians will have a loved one, friend or acquaintance who is not a believer in God. How and should they even approach that person about their non-beliefs. There is always the fear that you will damage the relationship. And yet there is the strong urge to have this person not miss the joys and rewards that being in Christ brings. What is a Christian to do? One of the major projects I have undertaken is to address this question and then compile all the approaches that have a good chance of working. This article will start with what I believes might work and then will be added to as I learn more and get feedback from Christians who have been successful in assisting a person to come to Christ. I think it is important to realize that the decision to accept Christ is the result of the non-believer’s own study and analysis. All the Christian can do is to be instrumental in causing the non-believer to undertake a serious and objective look at the question of the truth of God. No matter how respected your opinion might be, it is not likely that a non-believer will just accept your opinions. Their conversion is something that they must realize themselves along with the influence of God.

Therefore, this article will be dynamic as it will be periodically updated as I learn more and receive inputs from the experience of people who have had success in getting a non-believer to consider the truth of God. This may very well be the most important projects I have ever undertaken. This was on my mind even as I began the writing of the book my first book, My God, Your God? The book was directed at the technical, analytical person like myself. Having seen the book work on at least one person I believe it will be a useful tool in this activity. But even with the book as a tool what is the best approach? If you have any ideas and or experience at bringing a non-believer to Christ then let me know so I can share it in this article. I look forward to you inputs. Next I will list the approaches that I believe might work.

Approach 1 – In my new book, GOD Exists!, I present ten of the most profound evidences that God does exist. It is aimed primarily at the youth who when they leave home also leave the church, just as I did. However, the book will be useful for anyone with doubts. The book as well as my first book was intended as a tool for you to use in bringing your friends and loved ones to Christ. The book is small so as to not be intimidating. I suggest that after you read the book that you give it to your non-believing friend and ask for their opinion. Don’t be too aggressive by suggesting they will change their mind; what you really want is their honest opinion about the evidences presented. Hopefully, you can enter into a serious discussion about the truth of God. Then they might begin to reconsider their views and to further question the truth of God. Keep it mind it is a process that takes time. Be patient and be ready to answer questions they might have.

Approach 2 – The first and foremost approach is to always act as a Christian should. This does not involve the book or any other tool. Just your Christian mannerisms should be obvious to all around. It is not a matter of being religious but rather a manner of being loving, humble, forgiving and non-judgmental. Your behavior should not be one of a holier than thou, religious fanatic. There should be a sense of peace and joy and thankfulness just by being in your presence. Is that how you always act? One way is consider that Jesus is always at your side in your every move and He would be pleased with you.  Your behavior might even cause some to ask what is going on with you and ask why can’t more people be like you? The answer would be that you are just a true Christian and maybe we should try it ourselves. As an example of  acting as a Christian, when checking out at the grocery store, I enter into a  conversation with the clerk and try to get a smile from them. Then when they see the  cross I wear around my neck, they will realize I am a Christian and hopefully they will like the encounter.

At my church, after the benediction we often sing a great verse that says exactly what I mean:

May the God of grace and power live His life in me and you;

May we prove that He’s authentic by the lives we let them view.

They will sense the living Savior in our eyes and tone of voice,

May we introduce them to Him, causing Heaven to rejoice.

Bryan Jeffery Leech. Copyright 2007 Harold Flammer Music

Approach 3 – This approach is a variation of Approach 1 in that book is used in your approach. If  your non-believer friend is of the analytic, technical type thinker, keep in mind they have a high intellectual curiosity. And that strength can also be an area they might be susceptible to considering the truth of God. The question is can you make the question intriguing enough for them to begin a serious, objective consideration of the question of the truth of God. One approach is to tell them you just finished several books that make you think of them. Your might say, “The author is an analytical, reasoning, logical thinker like yourself. He had been a devout non-believer for 50 years but  when he realized his opinions were formed with a casual look at the question he decide to take a serious objective look at the question.  Would you like to take a look at his latest, short but concise book? I would be interest in your opinion of the book”


Suggestions: If you have found an approach that has worked, I would be interested in sharing it with out readers.

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