GOD Exists! – Ten Evidences for Belief


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124 Pages, published 12/21/2012

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The primary purpose of this book is a to aid in winning others to Christ. Does really God exist? This is probably the most often asked questions since humans developed the mental ability to ask questions. Christians believe in a monotheistic God, who is present and active in the universe and our world. If that is true then there should be evidence of God’s interaction and interventions in the world. It turns out there is an abundance of evidence. This new book answers the question with a look at ten of the most profound of these evidences or arguments. That makes this book a book of apologetics.

Christian apologetics is that branch of theology that is concerned with confirming the truth of Christian doctrines and the existence of God. This book is different from most apologetics books, which include many arguments resulting in rather large books.

This book was kept small since it was aimed primarily at the typical youth who when they leave home also quit believing in God or at least develop serious doubts. A large book is not likely to be read by a person in that frame of mind. The book also has application for any age that has similar doubts or beliefs about God. And it should help equip a devout believer with strong arguments for use when they encounter a non-believer or one with those doubts. If a doubter or non-believer were to read this book, I believe they might begin to at least consider the truth that God really does exist and then further research the question. And in doing so, I believe there is a high probability that they will come to accept Christ. I write these words with a great deal of confidence, since I was one who on my own without influence of others quite believing in God at that young  age and then held that opinion for 50 years. I firmly believe that If I had a book like this I would not have strayed from God.

Essentially every devout Christian who I know has a friend or relative who has doubts or is a non-believer. But how do you approach such a person without destroying any relationship you might have? And yet our instructions from Jesus are to spread His word and bring people to Christ. How can we not do this with our loved ones? I believe this book might help and it could be a tool you can use. After you read the book and become familiar with the book, give it to your special friend and ask them to give you an opinion about the book. Be gentle and sympathetic to their opinions; argument will not win anyone over. I am also interested in any approach you where you obtained success.

Now let me tell you about the book. Not including the Introduction and Conclusions, there are ten chapters with one for each of the evidences of God. They range in content from an ancient argument to the most modern. They essentially are all secular in their discussion, although at the end the tie to God is made. In addition at least two of the arguments are original, resulting from my research. And some of the other arguments are from a different perspective than is normally used. I believe a devout Christian will enjoy the strength of the arguments.

The following is a list of the specific arguments or chapters in the book along with the chapter title and in some cases the name of the argument:

  • The Cosmological Argument
  • The Christian Bible – The fulfilled Prophecies Argument
  • Personal Experiences – Personal Experiences Argument
  • Near Death Experiences – NDE Argument
  • Science – The Scientific Argument
  • Farfetched – The Farfetched Argument
  • The Fine Tuned Universe – Anthropic Argument
  • DNA – The DNA Complexity Argument
  • The Origin of Life – The Non-evolving DNA Argument
  • Humans – The Homo sapiens Argument

Each of the arguments are approached in a logical, analytical manner, but be aware none are highly technical. I believe you will find the book an enjoyable and easy read. And to make the book useful for a group study, discussion questions follow each chapter.

Now with recent realizations of the significance of facts in Chapters 9 and 10, these chapters have been rewritten in the second edition of the book to highlight these facts. The revelations of Chapter 9; the question of the origin of life has been answered using a single well known fact and three logic steps- God introduced life on earth. In Chapter 10, it is shown when and how humans acquired the universal concepts of all people on earth: the sense of a god, the moral code and our conscience – God introduced these concepts into humans.

Two chapters Introduction and Chapter 9 The Origin of Life are reproduced in the Excerpts from Books tab at the top of the page.

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