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The Beginning

This week I started a new journal, number 6. I began recording my thoughts in March 2009, just as they occurred to me. Since this is also the beginning of this blog, I thought it might be a good omen. I am changing from my past mode of just writing books to writing a blog with the thought that an article or another book might follow. The word blog comes from two words: weB LOG. Researching and writing a book takes me about three years; so I am out of contact for much of the time. Writing a blog will allow me to keep in touch all the time and hopefully a following will develop and that should help sell more books and have an impact on non-believers. Also, in writing a book you are limited to the subject of the book, but with the blog, I can write anything that is on my mind, and hopefully I will get feedback on those thoughts.

The primary subject will be learning more about our awesome God; I never seem to know enough. I also believe that there is much more we can learn about God from the evidence He has left. I also believe that a more complete and accurate description of God would be more readily accepted by a non-believer. Having people come to Christ is the ultimate reward for this activity. Now I will share essentially my first entry in journal #6.

The thought of the unknown is exciting. It means there is opportunity to learn. The greater the unknown, as with God, the greater the excitement. The greater the unknown, the more questions there are. With more questions, the better chance of being able to answer at least one – a better chance than if there is only one question.

Also, with more questions, there is a good chance that answering the first leads to answering the next question and so on, leading to a pattern of answers. So I begin this journal with these thoughts in mind and with the hope that many answers will appear on the following pages.

In my first book, I made the statement: “The root of wisdom lies not with the last question answered but with the new question asked” (p. 93). Now that is not to say answers are not important; they are the most important. However, answers have little meaning without the question. Answers will come either by direct search to answer a question or as the result of a search for another answer. However, for the latter to be recognized that question must have already been asked.

It is possible for unasked questions to be answered, but I believe it is rare. And with such an event, the answer must be so profound that a question is in effect formulated.

So in this blog, I will ask many questions, hopefully the correct and most clever that will lead to new truths. You are also invited to ask questions also. Here is a sample of questions that I have in mind:

  • Why are we here and what is God doing with us? I don’t recall seeing this before.
  • Why is there suffering? This is one of the most common and difficult questions for Christians. I believe that to get a reasonable answer requires we first answer the above question. This could be key to getting a more meaningful answer.
  • Many say that God is spirit. What does that mean? Is He not physical? Heaven in the Near-Death-Experiences is shown as physical. Is that just an anthropomorphism?
  • What is the fate of those who never heard of Jesus? Since God is fair, surely, they will not suffer as those who have rejected Christ.
  • What is the relationship between God and time? Is God’s time the same as our time?
  • Is there any truth to Darwin’s evolution? We now know some parts are false.
  • If the Christian God is not the same as Islam’s Allah, and that appears to be so, then who is Allah? Does he even exist? And if so then how is he related to God and Satan?
  • Are we really seeing signs of the End of the Age?


You can see this sample of questions covers a broader spectrum than possible for any one book. Will there be answers for any of these questions? Time will tell and we will never know unless we try. I will say I have already answered some equally hard questions and I will share those with you later.

When I first considered a blog, I thought I might not have enough material. However, considering the ideas in five journals plus 11 articles on the website that need further discussion and update, I now believe I will have material for a long while, even with no new ideas. I hope you find at least something I write interesting. I am also sure you will disagree with some things I say, so let me know.

Until next time.

4 Responses to “The Beginning”

  1. August 24th, 2015 at 22:31 | #1

    Faye, I indicated that questions are the root of wisdom and are necessary in most cases, but that does not mean they are easy or even possible to answer. But at least they are the first step in someone coming forth with an answer. Thanks for your comments.

  2. Faye
    August 24th, 2015 at 20:36 | #2

    Congratulations, Shaun, with your first blog. I liked learning about the word “blog” and where it came from. I also like all of your sample questions. Now…just answer them!!
    Good for you!

  3. james glass
    August 22nd, 2015 at 13:16 | #3

    Many intriguing questions that should stimulate a vigorous conversation

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