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It looks like Republicans do have a majority based on those who say they are Republican, however the subgroup, Freedom Caucus (among others) is not Republican as they say. Last Friday’s vote is proof of that. When the Freedom Caucus did not get their way, they voted for Obamacare with the Democrats instead of the supporting our president on this important Republican bill. They voted as Democrats! They, at best, are Part-time Republicans that cannot be counted on. Friday’s vote was a major blow for our President Trump, the Republican party, and the country.

Why did they vote this way? I believe the Freedom Caucus did not understand the bill, which was written to pass in the Senate. And then later, two more phases would bring the law more in line with Republican principles. Was that too complicated? They also do not know how to legislate. How should that work? 1) during the formation of a bill, each group presents their ideas and tries to sell them the rest of the party. 2) When the bill comes for a vote on the floor, the members should come together, accepting they might not have sold all their ideas. That is called compromise. Simple.

Going forward, the Republican plan is to fix the tax code. I expect the Freedom Caucus will have their own ideas, some of which will not be accepted by the Republican party, and I expect the Freedom Caucus will do the same thing and vote Democratic, killing the bill again. Their actions are why It is clear they are not Republicans. I don’t believe are smart enough to be Republicans. I have no hope the tax code will be revised.

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