This current election cycle is amusing to watch, but would be even more so if not for all the junk mail and phone calls. I can have this view of amusement since I have removed myself from the election activities – there is no way I have any reasonable representation under the current system. I have given up on the Republican party and have become a Patriot. I will vote a straight ticket, however there are no candidates. Stop and look at how the system now works. Everything in Washington is about money, money, money. To get elected takes millions and millions of dollars that come from wealthy individuals, super PACs, lobbyist, and corporations, thanks to the Supreme Court and the Chief Justice, John Williams. Elected representatives spend about half their time soliciting money to get reelected. Now stop and think about who really is represented when an important issue come up? Am I represented or is it all the wealthy people who gave millions to their campaign? Right, I and you are not represented. In effect, we are taxed without representation. This is the system we have evolved into and those in control like it very well. Their wealth keeps increasing as shown by the statistics. There is the continuing urging to get out and vote – that is just the patriotic thing to say. And they well know that advertising works and votes can be bought, and that is why they want you to vote. John Roberts apparently did not know how well advertising works when the Supreme Court gave rich people unlimited amount of campaign contributions. We use to have one person, one vote, but that ended with that ruling. Now my vote is so diluted it doesn’t matter.

So what is amusing? Essentially every elected official owes some wealthy person or organization for their being in office. When an important issue comes up, there is payback time. Do you think that wealthy people who gave millions would not expect something in return? Do you think your interests are even a factor? A very large number of “ordinary” people now have this view and are fed up with Washington. Surveys show Washington with the lowest rating in recent years if not ever. That is the reason for the strength of Donald Trump; he is an outsider. The Republican Party elite, those who have been in control through money, are slow learners and are now just realizing what is happening. For the first time you may have someone in office that the elite did not put there and who they have no control over. They are panicking. So what are they doing? Well they are doing just what you would expect. They are using money to try to buy Trump’s defeat using smear tactics. These are not ads in support of someone but rather ads to bring down Trump, the only strong Republican candidate. How stupid is that? Is their motive a dislike of Trump or is it that they will lose control? Trump has demonstrated he is a winner and these attacks on him may just increase his strength when people realize they are being duped. But they are also giving strength to Hillary and the Democrats. Control of the Republican party is so important to these people that they would sacrifice the election. Their interest is control and since they own representatives on both side of the aisle, control is more important than which party wins.  Talk about greed.

Now Trump has some mannerisms that are not liked by some people. He is rough at times. Truth is like that sometimes. It is refreshing to see someone not worried about political correctness. For example, he says he will control our southern border (by building a wall) and because of that the Pope says he is not Christian. Trump uses language that Max Lucado does not approve of and he declares Trump is not a Christian. I wonder if either one of them could ever forgive Trump and are such statements themselves Christian?

I believe that Trump as president would surround himself with good people. He did not get to where he is by doing otherwise. This country is in deep trouble and I see no solutions coming out of Washington or any of the candidates. The politicians keep talking about what are the important topics such as immigration, the debt, abortion, health care, terrorist, Middle East peace, the decline in wealth of the middle class, meaningful jobs for all willing to work, racism, crime, unfair taxes, the flight of companies leaving the U.S., etc. Now stop and think what progress have we made on any one of these topics. Do the rich really care about any of these issues? I think not, because if they did Washington would have done something. Basically, the special interest contributors will not entertain any compromise; that is the primary reason for the lack of progress on any of the important issues facing our country. I believe they like it just the way it is so they can continue to make more money. Meanwhile the country keeps digging ourselves in deeper. We need someone like Trump who thinks big and believes that the U.S. can be great again. We need someone not controlled by the rich and is able to get things done. This is radical thinking and maybe this change is what scares some people. I think that the fact that the Republican elite are worried is what makes Trump so appealing to me. I think I might just vote for him, even though there is some risk for change we might not like.

Have a blessed Day,


(Note that I wrote this blog on March 3 of this year, but I did not publish it until now with minor editing. I believe it is still true after four months. We are in interesting but troubling times).


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