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God Speaks Again

As you may know from my books and writings, I have seen the evidence of God acting in my life. Well, it happened again last week. You my say it is just a matter of coincidence and that could still be true. However, the frequency of these events is not natural, so I will continue to believe God is involved with my life.

You also probably know that I have built my house, but I am still working on the courtyard. The courtyard is a large project, too large for someone my age to be doing. It is rather large, about 3000 square feet and built up about three feet with retaining walls and then filled with about 400 cubic yards of caliche that I am digging up in the back of the property.  Last Wednesday, 6/22, I was reviewing all the work I still had to do and became very depressed. It looked as if would I would spend my old age working on the project and would still not get it finished. This is not what I had hoped for in retirement.

I prayed hard to God seeking advice on what to do – could I eliminate some features, plan better, become more efficient or whatever? The next day, I felt somewhat better and went to work moving some dirt with the tractor. Then I hit the main water line coming into the house from the well and it broke. I had no water from the well. This setback was not the response I had hoped for from God. I had hope for movement forward, not backward.

Then I realized God was speaking to me after all. “Do not feel sorry for yourself, you are blessed, you have the knowhow and the resources to fix the break. You can do it. Furthermore, you can also finish the courtyard. You just need to work smarter and I will help guide you” In addition, I just happen to be reading the book, Healthy Faith, by Dr. Bill Nichols. The book addresses the issue of setting priorities and getting to the root of an issue. It was perfect for answering the above questions. Was this just another coincidence? I think not.

I had a one-day setback, but now I have my positive attitude back. Thanks to God. Now I am reviewing all of my projects and setting new priorities. I expect many activities will be eliminated.

Have a blessed day,


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